DoE SBIR Phase I Grant Awarded for Monitoring Catalyst Synthesis

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Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata received a new Department of Energy SBIR Phase I award for development of novel technology for combinatorial discovery of catalysts in the combustion process.   In this grant, AccuStrata will work with researchers from the University of South Carolina to create a control and discovery system for high-throughput flame spray pyrolysis (FPS) [...]

Commercial Interest for AccuStrata’s AtOMS System

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Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata starts the commercial installation of its AtOMS product in several industrial facilities in the USA for monitoring and control of epitaxial thin films, Extreme UV Lithography mirrors and super-alloy thin films. The company considers this commercial interest as an encouraging sign of wider acceptance of our patented Atomic Absorption / Optical [...]

AccuStrata Sequential DoE SBIR Phase IIB Contract for AtOMS System

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Rockville, MD, May, 2018:  We are pleased to announce that AccuStrata has been awarded a Department of Energy SBIR sequential Phase IIB contract worth $1 Million for validation of its Atomic Absorption/Optical Emission Spectroscopy system AtOMS into several separate industrial applications such as Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Aerospace industry. The latest AtOMS product is capable [...]

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