Optical Measuring Systems

For cross-industry applications in measuring spectra in the context of absorption, turbidity, scattering, fluorescence, Raman, LIBS, and more. AccuStrata offers custom spectroscopy devices and ODM optical measuring systems that offer the highest levels of accuracy and reliability tempered with optimal sensitivity and efficiency. Whether your particular setting is a laboratory, a production floor, or something else entirely, our expert hardware and software engineers are up to even the most complex of challenges.

  • Broadband optical monitoring from the deep UV to mid IR spectrum, depending on the application.
  • Direct optical monitoring of the processed samples using our proprietary sample triggering technology.
  • Multivariate analysis, machine learning and predictive process modeling to ensure product conformity to the required product specification.
  • Real time monitoring of film thickness, optical constants, bandgap, film composition, color, group delay, transfer function and others.
  • Real time monitoring of the film homogeneity (depth profile) and spatial uniformity.
  • Installation of our patented miniature fiber optics sensors at the most process-critical locations.
  • R, T, scattering, polarimetry, Raman, atomic spectroscopy, spectral imaging, fluorescence and other monitoring techniques
  • Distributed (multi-position) monitoring by multiple sensors to ensure uniformity of the monitored parameters.

Overcome your field’s metrological challenges

Having already worked closely with industry leaders in healthcare, food safety, agriculture, and numerous other sectors, we hope to work with you to overcome your field’s metrological challenges and objectives by developing solutions that eclipse our competitors through constant innovation, rigorous testing, and the highest levels of quality control.

Redefining the industry standards

Beyond our patented technologies on the cutting edge in situ monitoring and control solutions, our corporate mission involves developing smart solutions that are uniquely tailored to each client’s particular vertical, process, and equipment configurations. In the time since our founding, we have expanded our expertise from a focus on optical monitoring and predictive modeling to everything from the manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells to the development of low-E coatings for architectural windows. The custom spectroscopy devices and optical measuring systems we develop are constantly redefining the industry standards for metrological capabilities and further inform our research and development in these adjacent applications.

Start a Conversation

If you are interested in connecting with us for the development of custom spectroscopy devices and systems, we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact page in order to schedule a free consultation, during which you will be able to speak with one of our engineers familiar with your particular vertical and have all of your questions answered.