Custom Optical Sensors & Sensor Fusion

Whether your organization’s vertical is rooted in biometrics, depends on early detection of impairments in your process, or requires constant control and supervision, dependable and well-integrated optical sensors, no matter your intended applications, are of the utmost importance. As experts familiar with the complexities of developing, manufacturing, and integrating custom optical sensors (spectroscopic or imaging sensors), it is often the case that we are contracted in an ODM capacity by businesses and other organizations that seek to optimize the sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency of their optical sensors

  • Broadband optical monitoring from the deep UV to mid IR spectrum, depending on the application.
  • Direct optical monitoring of the processed samples using our proprietary sample triggering technology.
  • Multivariate analysis, machine learning and predictive process modeling to ensure product conformity to the required product specification.
  • Real time monitoring of film thickness, optical constants, bandgap, film composition, color, group delay, transfer function and others.
  • Real time monitoring of the film homogeneity (depth profile) and spatial uniformity.
  • Installation of our patented miniature fiber optics sensors at the most process-critical locations.
  • R, T, scattering, polarimetry, Raman, atomic spectroscopy, spectral imaging, fluorescence and other monitoring techniques
  • Distributed (multi-position) monitoring by multiple sensors to ensure uniformity of the monitored parameters.

Reliable and More Cost Effective

Because our facilities already have the necessary infrastructure, tools, and methodologies in place to develop and manufacture custom optical sensors that are both more reliable and more cost effective—particularly at scale—compared to the vast majority of alternative means, we have developed a reputation for excellence within the industry, not only for exceeding the expectations of our customers and ensuring on-time delivery, but also because of our dedication to the long-term success of our customers’ products and systems.

Optical Sensor Integration

We have long served our valued customers in industries ranging from food safety and environmental monitoring to medical diagnostics and military field use, and we hope that you will consider us for any aspect of your optical sensor integration needs, whether it is exclusive to research and development or involves a full-service array of design, prototyping, manufacturing, and scaling objectives.

Start a Conversation

As a highly experienced team of software and hardware engineers, we are more than capable of assisting your organization with all of its optical sensor integration challenges, and we back this assessment with a complimentary consultation for interested parties and prospective customers where we will be more than happy to answer any of your technical and operational questions