Our Mission

Our passion is custom solutions. Beginning with a conversation, leading to collaboration. Ending with a unique solution tailored to your specifications. Working to realize your vision through our experience in these three areas “hardware, software, integration”.

Our Value

We are a research and development company in optical spectroscopy, providing customized engineering and software solutions. We bring expertise developed through a diverse, interdisciplinary project portfolio. Leveraging knowledge and experience from each venture has expanded our ability to innovate creatively – at your direction.

Our Process

We emphasize front-end collaboration to ensure a cost-effective path forward that positions our partnership for success. We investigate the best method possible for solving your problem – and work diligently to develop knowledge in that area. As a small company we place a premium on timely communication and honest customer service, so you feel comfortable that we are meeting your needs.

Strengths & Specialties

Our fire and passion come from a deep love of science and intrinsic curiosity that drives us to explore the future of optical technologies. Our engineers work to define a new relationship between hardware and software, extending the power of technology into previously unreachable spaces. It is this combination of knowledge that sets us apart in developing a solution tailored to your needs.

Corporate Mission

Provide winning customized solutions for in situ optical monitoring and intelligent process control.

Start a Conversation

Schedule a 30-minute interactive consultation and Q&A session with our technical experts.