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Using a variety of optical spectroscopy techniques (e.g., atomic absorption, optical emission, T/R/A, Raman, fluorescence, laser-induced, etc.), AccuStrata’s family of optical metrology tools offers in situ monitoring of thin film deposition/etching and surface modification combined with data mining and predictive modeling for dynamic process optimization and preventive control.

Whether your organization requires a technology platform for dynamic physical or statistical modeling of ongoing processes and phenomena, machine learning as well as outcome forecasting, or real-time multi-spot optical monitoring of surface properties to adaptively optimize and control physical properties of thin films such as thickness, uniformity, homogeneity, composition, color, texturing, and patterning, the optical metrology tools we develop at AccuStrata, both in OEM and ODM capacity, serve applications in industries from biotechnology and food safety to Cleantech, nanotechnology, semiconductors, aerospace, and defense.

AccuStrata seeks to redefine the legacy process control by introducing more modern real-time process monitoring methods. Most legacy solutions are based on monitoring the UV, visible, or NIR light transmitted or reflected from the processed sample. They are not applicable to optically opaque or extremely thin films as well as compound materials and alloys or inadequate for preventive control of many of the new generation of thin-film-processes. AccuStrata’s patented combination of element-specific atomic absorption with broadband optical emission is a promising method for accurately determining the deposition rate and film composition by correlating the atomic flux density of the deposited material in the plasma to the attained film thickness and film composition on the substrate.

Our interests in manufacturing efficiencies serve a two-fold purpose in that by reducing process tuning time, eliminating product rejects, and improving product performance, AccuStrata’s optical metrology tools and technology reduce product costs but also lead to the waste-free product manufacturing needed for the 21st century economy.

  • Broadband optical monitoring from the deep UV to mid IR spectrum, depending on the application.
  • Direct optical monitoring of the processed samples using our proprietary sample triggering technology.
  • Multivariate analysis, machine learning and predictive process modeling to ensure product conformity to the required product specification.
  • Real time monitoring of film thickness, optical constants, bandgap, film composition, color, group delay, transfer function and others.
  • Real time monitoring of the film homogeneity (depth profile) and spatial uniformity.
  • Installation of our patented miniature fiber optics sensors at the most process-critical locations.
  • R, T, scattering, polarimetry, Raman, atomic spectroscopy, spectral imaging, fluorescence and other monitoring techniques
  • Distributed (multi-position) monitoring by multiple sensors to ensure uniformity of the monitored parameters.

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