Our History

AccuStrata began in 2008 as a part of the University of Maryland TAP program. The company graduated from the UMD business incubator in 2010 and became a member of Parklawn Business Park in Rockville, MD, located in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

The company has received multiple awards and recognitions such as Maryland Incubator Company of the Year (2008), 100 Best US University Startups (2012), etc.

The founders are several distinguished professionals in optics, semiconductors and thin film technology, and business entrepreneurship. Dr. George Atanasoff is a founder and the president of the company. Dr. Marc Epstein is a founder and was the Chairman of the Board of Directors till 2017. Among the other founders and directors are Dr. Christopher Metting,  Steve Seiden, Serge Gagolin, Dr. Bruce Craig, Veska Kita, Oscar von Bredow, Ramik Chopra and others.

Since beginning AccuStrata has been focused on developing and commercializing innovative Cleantech products for Solar, Precision Optics, Energy Efficient Windows, High Brightness LEDs and X-Ray optics.

The company has raised private equity and received over $8 million in federal and state funding for the development of its technology.

In 2009 the company began developing in situ optical monitoring and predictive modeling technology for the solar industry. In 2011, the company expanded its technology into the control of manufacturing of low-E coatings for architectural windows. Later, under private and Department of Energy SBIR funding, AccuStrata developed in situ optical control systems for LED manufacturing and Extreme UV Lithography optics. Our flagship in situ control system AtOMS for manufacturing of thin film coatings was developed in 2017 with SBIR funding for several national laboratories. Historically the company has developed in situ Excitation Emission Matrix Spectroscopy systems, variety of portable in situ fluorescence analysis systems and, our latest Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy system for gas and liquid samples.

In 2018 in partnership with DigiVac, Inc. AccuStrata developed and patented a portable fluorescence analysis method and a device, which received good market acceptance in distillation and extraction of essential oils. This development resulted in AccuStrata and DigiVac forming a new company Aromertix, a major player in process control for essential oils, including terpenes, cannabinoids and other botanical compounds.