DoE SBIR Phase I Grant Awarded for Monitoring Catalyst Synthesis

Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata received a new Department of Energy SBIR Phase I award for development of novel technology for combinatorial discovery of catalysts in the combustion process.   In this grant, AccuStrata will work with researchers from the University of South Carolina to create a control and discovery system for high-throughput flame spray pyrolysis (FPS) system. The system will facilitate the rapid, combinatorial discovery and optimization of heterogeneous catalysts using the flame spray pyrolysis synthesis technique. The proposed work involves  optimization and operation of the high-throughput FSP system that is uniquely capable of creating solid solution catalysts more rapidly and with greater purity than other techniques.   The system will integrate AccuStrata’s in-situ laser induced breakdown spectroscopy system, which is capable of monitoring the particle synthesis in real-time to provide critical information that can be used in conjunction with advanced machine learning algorithm that will utilize process parameters, metrology data and post-synthesis characterization data to discover critical signatures within the emission spectra that can help narrow material search space and speed up materials discovery.

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