AccuStrata Sequential DoE SBIR Phase IIB Contract for AtOMS System

Rockville, MD, May, 2018:  We are pleased to announce that AccuStrata has been awarded a Department of Energy SBIR sequential Phase IIB contract worth $1 Million for validation of its Atomic Absorption/Optical Emission Spectroscopy system AtOMS into several separate industrial applications such as Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Aerospace industry. The latest AtOMS product is capable of monitoring and control of the atomic concentration of up to 4 individual chemical elements in the vacuum deposition zone next to the deposited substrate/wafer for precise control of the individual deposition rates of the elements and the chemical composition of the growing film. In addition, the patented fiber-optics solution can perform monitoring using up to 3 probe beams simultaneously, arranged in a radial or parallel configuration for monitoring of the spatial distribution of the deposition process to precisely control the uniformity of the film growth. These AtOMS capabilities offer unique process control benefits during thin film deposition and etching of complex compound materials such as InGaN, YBCO, CIGS and high entropy alloy films. The system also offers a new solution for in situ control of coating quality on substrates with curved or odd shapes as well as substrates performing very fast rotation or complex rotation such as planetary or other rotation or movement during deposition.

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