Commercial Interest for AccuStrata’s AtOMS System

Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata starts the commercial installation of its AtOMS product in several industrial facilities in the USA for monitoring and control of epitaxial thin films, Extreme UV Lithography mirrors and super-alloy thin films. The company considers this commercial interest as an encouraging sign of wider acceptance of our patented Atomic Absorption / Optical Emission Spectroscopy technology in separate industrial verticals as a novel 21-century solution for in situ process control, which is poised to replace traditional quartz crystal monitoring and optical spectroscopy monitoring. AtOMS technology is capable of monitoring and control of thin films of almost any type and configuration, such as extreme thin films (below 50 Angstrom), very complex multi-layer film stacks comprising thousand of individual thin films, compound materials and alloys, optically opaque films, interface layer formation, patterned films, and films where traditional in situ process control solutions are not applicable.

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